With the name Field Negro, you know it had to be checked.  And I’ve been checking in on a regular basis with the Field because ‘The Jigging Must Stop”.

Racism  getting in your ass.  Check the Field. 

The Field drops it proper.

On a lighter side of things, he name-checked Ear Conditioning as one of his favorite blog names, alongside the likes of Nat Turner’s Revenge, Negrophile, Black Folk Don’t Swim, The Secret Council of American Negroes.

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    The recolonization of Africa is in FULL Swing!!!

    With major pillars of the Western economies on the verge of collapse, there is a thinly veiled and unfolding plan to re-colonize Africa, being played out RIGHT NOW, in Ivory Coast and Libya. The French is in the lead, with the US in tow!!!

    Resource rich countries are literally being grabbed from their citizens through DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION plans, executed before our very eyes.

    ( Already, large swathes of the most prized and arable lands are being sold off by corrupt governments to multinationals and foreign (mainly western) governments, leaving millions of African farmers roaming in poverty, without any means of subsistence.)

    Five Points of Western plans to destabilize and recolonize Africa:

    1. Create or nurture rebellions; if necessary, arm them.
    2. Rig elections in favor of rebellion, or overthrow legal government by force
    3. Instrumentalize UN (through the Security Council) to provide a veneer of legality
    4. Use mass media to misinform the public and gain their approval for armed interventions and unjust sanctions.
    5. Gain resource ownership in target country or access to its resources at dollars on the penny by control of the puppet masters they have put in place.

    The Ivory Coast is the typical case of this, and ALL OF THE ABOVE have been used to overthrow a legal government, and grab its resources. There has been massive “collateral damage,” thousands killed and the populations are suffering cruelly.


    Would you like to join the effort to stop this injustice, and help Africa regain its dignity and sovereignty? Email us at: We will contact you!
    In subject line, mention: FREE AFRICA NOW!!!

    Here is a link to the sad story of the recolonization of Ivory Coast by the French….please READ EVERY LINE….. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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