Agadir, Morocco will be hosting the fifth Timitar Festival 1-6 July, so get your tickets now.  It’s root is  Amazigh (Berber) culture, which were / are the forefathers of the Guanche people, the Aborigines of the Canary Islands.  A fact that should be laid on the Spanish people here when they talk about those ‘damn immigrants’, meaning Africans.

Anyway,for  this years edition of the festi’ they got Creation Tala, Menwar, Allawa, DJ Ritu, DJ RKK, Jouala, Max Romeo, Sahara Generation, Ahwach Women of Tafraout, Momo, DJ Hassan, Sekouba Bambino & Boure Band and a whole heap more.  

I don’t know any of the artists apart from DJ Ritu, who I love dearly, Momo, LA33 and DJ Yusuf, so it’s gonna be a great learning experience.

I’ll be spinning short sets on the Friday, with  VJ ItaloVideo providing visuals, so if your in the area, come and say hello, and we can step out afterwards for some of Morocco’s finest.


  1. hey, gonna be in London in the late fall (I think).. semi-idly contemplating my first trip South in that hemisphere .. anything in Tenerife I can be a part of? could combine dj gig with a talk on some law/power(c) related issues or somesuch..

  2. Hello am in the area as i see this year we can enjoy reggae and salsa bands and more.. we will a nice time in this fest .feel free to contact me. Peace.

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