Urkult Festival.
Location: Nasaker, Sweden.
Planes, trains, automobiles.
Arrived sixteen hours after leaving the house.
Check-In, Eat, DJ set in one hour.
“Slow down, relax” says the hotelier, a soft-faced Dutchman.

Shared the night with Dudu Sarr from Senegal/London. Good to see an animated DJ behind the decks. He does a regular night at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London should you fancy some Afrobeats and other delicacies that this world has to offer.

The Urkult Festival I believe is the biggest folkmusic festival in the country.  Their doing something right, it’s the fifteenth edition.  The location is seriously magical.  Amongst the trees lies a natural ampitheatre, a river is ten minutes away, and some of the surrounding rocks are the canvas for paintings that date back six thousand years.

Fun-da-mental gig the next day.   Extended crew for this gig.  An extra bass player;  an extra throat via rapper Eslam (Good, the Bad and The Queen) and an all too brief return to the drumstool for Aki.

Return journey to London, too few hours after the gig.  Automobile, train, plane.

This week’s program has been made on the fly but still with love.

More selections from the Straight Outta Bestown compilati0n courtesy of  Electrons Libre; some King Midas Sound; Gerardo Fresina; Mala of DMZ remixing the Mighty Zulu Nation, which I must release next year, it’s well overdue and doesn’t do any good sitting only in my computer.  I’ll post a bit of it soon.

Also got some Poison Idea, with their version of ‘We Got the Beat’, and Wesley Willis doing his ode to The Frogs, a band that he shared the stage and a seven inch with.

Ear Conditioning – The Departure Lounge (week of August 4)

  • Bnjmin/ Broke Down (Sunless)
  • Electrons Libres / Straight Outta Bestown
  • Broki / Mi Ritmo
  • Banda Los Hijos de la Nina Luz / El Sapo
  • Gerardo Frisina / Latin Seeds
  • Jessica Lauren 3 / The name of Fela (People)
  • The Bug / Poison Dart featuring Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune)
  • Dubterror / Mr. Terror featuring Horace Andy
  • Djanta Kan / Avoude (Fangafrika/Staycalm)
  • Wesley Willis / The Frogs
  • Sofa Surfers / Yoyogi Uehara (Klein)
  • Poison Idea / We Got the Beat (Vinyl Solution)
  • King Midas Sound / Ting (Hyperdub)
  • Nosaj Thing / Coat of Arms (Alpha pup)
  • The Mighty Zulu vs. Digital Mystikz

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