For our Norwegian brothers and sisters, next Friday in Oslo, Fun-da-mental will be doing a collaboration with Rizwan-Muazzam Qawal. For the uninitiated, Rizwan and his brother, Muazzam, are nephews of the late great Qawalli singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Qawalli music was introduced to me as ‘having conversations with god’.  Its’ been awhile since we’ve done a collaboration like this, nearly six years ago with the release of  the There Shall Be Love album for BBC Radio 3’s Mixing It program.

The above photo was from the collabo’ with Aziz Mian, unfortunately he too has passed.  He had the funk, gotta say, and he the passion with which he sang came out not only through his voice but in the pan-laded sweat that profusely exited his forehead.  We were fortunate to see him do his thing in a village  that I can’t remember the name of, in Pakistan.  100% raw and uncut.

More festival info here.

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