La Opinion de Tenerife journalist Erick Canino wrote a piece here about the sad state of affairs regarding ‘culture’ in this part of the world; the few that  control it, and how artists are quiet to criticize for fear of being blacklisted.

The original idea was a piece on culture, and the journalist asked an artist for his thoughts.  Basically the response was “I can talk about it, but you can’t put my name to it.”  Other critics have been silenced with €uros flowing into their pockets, via jobs up the ladder.  I don’t know if it’s any worse that other places, maybe because we are on this island and it seems that everybody knows everybody therefore, the circle is small and the dinero for activities is kept within an even smaller circle, and it’s right in our faces on a daily basis.

The potential for events in great settings with inspiring activities happening is amazing, however only if your a friend of the man will you be able to put things in motion.  Promoters for whom only the € rules will cut your balls if they think you are infringing on their apparent God-given right to control every fuckin’ aspect of entertainment here.

If you knew of some of the proposals  that have been put forward only for wankers in the culture department to shoot them down, only because their friends name wasn’t on the proposal, you would flip.  Think Sonar for one.

It’s a situation that has been gnawing away at my bones for quite awhile. Luckily the whole place isn’t polluted, and there are few, too few pockets of resistance and independence, however that feeling of standing on an island that is in danger of rising sea levels does not abate.

After the Salpica Festival, it occurred to me that there was a much greater turn-out there than at several of the big-boy promoted events that happen on an annual basis, which suck up truckloads of public money via private hands.   There is a little light amongst the darkness, and I suppose I must be content with that and get power from that.

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