Next week bring the launch of the latest output by the ever-expanding crew that is Indigenous Resistance.

A week of happenings around the globe to celebrate the launch of IR22, Routes to Rootz.

From Brazil to Pittsburgh, Bogota to Tenerife, we shall be airing Routes to Rootz on radio, at clubs and festivals.

Una semana de eventos en todo el mundo para celebra el lanzamiento de IR22, Routes to Rootz que cuenta con invitadoes especiales con Tohuno, Saevo, Chritiane D, Soy SOS, Kokonda Dub, Eagle, Heart Singers, Augustus Pablo, Freshmint, Mikey Dread, Santa Davis, Scully, The Ghost, Benjamin Zephania, Chuck D & DJ Rodrigo.

Available from / disponisble de Itunes, emusic, Juno, Deezer, Believe Digital (France).

Vinyl available / vinilo disponible  in Brazil via Zumbi Musica.

I’ll be dropping Routes to Rootz and other associated material next week on the Ear Conditioning program and at Festival Boreal, Los Silos, 26 Septiembre.

Babylon ‘affi bu’n, pass the petrol and matches.


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