Aspirations have gone up in smoke.

I’ve caught this Matt Taibbi journalist fellow a few times on bits on Bill Maher’s program, Real Time.  He seems to get his knees and hands dirty when reporting.  In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, he’s written a very long article, as is required, about Obama’s connections to those running the big US  financial institutions that recently damn near crippled the economic world.

‘member when Obama appeared on the scene? He was like some badly needed fresh blood on the political scene, and man it didn’t take long for him to switch it on us.  Taibbi’s article explains how The Ohhh Man ditched the progressive thinkers, those that during his election campaign, focused on issues regarding the working class.  Once the election was sealed, he brought in Wall $treet people to run his economic program.

The article is deep, thick, very long, and very fucking depressing when you take into account how millions felt with his election win, not just in the US, but yeah, worldwide.

Noam Chomsky did say that Obama should have got the prize for best marketing campaign of 2008.

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