The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War has been rolling for a few months now.  Ministers, intelligence chiefs, lawyers with knowledge of international law, career diplomats, former ambassadors and a former prime minister have all sat before a bench of their peers to tell their version of the truth, what ever that maybe.  The inquiry team have no legal powers, so the inquiry will produce a report that doesn’t really have any teeth.  Potent questions have fallen by the wayside, and evasive answers allowed to slide.

What gets me is that why bother?  I mean, if Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice said in February and July of 2001 respectively that Saddam had no WMD capabilities how is it that less that two years later he was supposed to have amassed WMD’s that were according to Donald Rumsfeld, “…north, east, south and west of Baghdad.”  Or as Tony Blair asserted, “Britain’s interests, could be struck within 45 minutes.”  What goes that mean exactly?

People will continue to pay a high price for the actions of people in Washington and London, and of course those people are in Iraq.  The use of depleted uranium, the manner of taking war to the innocent, the shear illegalities, the evasions, the corrupt practices of the west, the blaming of all the turmoil on Al-Qaida and the insurgents etc. etc.  It’s a fucking joke that is not funny.

Shooting Tony Blair with a high-powered rifle at close range won’t solve a fucking thing, it’s the wrong way to go, but he and all the others involved in this abuse of power, should really face a proper court with legal powers to seriously address this issue.

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