The original vocalist for Asian Dub Foundation, Deeder Zaman takes it to the stage tonight in Brazil for a tribute to Galdino de Jesus Santos, an indigenous Patoxo activist who was brutally in Brasilia in 1997.  His murderers  poured petrol over him and set him on fire as he slept.  Being children of the elite, judges and lawyers,  his murderers received a slap on the wrist as punishment.  Brazil ain’t all samba, carnaval, football and sex, it was the last country to abolish slavery, and they still got a large hump to get over in terms of doing right, and making amends for the horrid treatment of people they still consider less than them. Land issues are a bit problem down that way, however Galdino is not forgotten, and nor will his fight for acknowledgement and rights for his people that live in the colour-coded society that is Brazil.

We’ll be posting more regarding Galdino soon.

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