Leonard Peltier rots away in prison, accused and found guilty of the murder of two FBI agents.

This is a person who was the victim of the FBI’s Cointelpro program, as was Malcom X, the NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr, the American Indian Movement, of which Leonard was a member, so the conviction is weak as balsa wood.

Several years ago, a plan was put forward to put together an album to highlight his Leonard’s plight.  The album was never published, but now it’s available.

It features contributions from Rage Against The Machine, Corrosion of Conformity, Josh Homme, Biohazard, The Beasties, The Goats and more.

Take some time to check the background of the cause, then trash your room as you dance like a lunatic.

Download here


  1. give thanxs for the alert on this …passing around already…leonard was denied parole once again around same time scooter libby was pardoned by g.bush …the whole situation is just sickening F**K BABYLON!

  2. During the making of the film, Last Of The Mohicans” I met Dennis Banks and Russell Means. Although unimpressed with Mr. Russell, I very much enjoyed my time with Dennis Banks. He is a man of character I think. We talked at great length about the 70’s incident and about Leonard Peltier. Knowing the arrogant attitude of many of the government FBI and others, I am inclined to agree with Peltier being released. I am white, but I am ashamed for the whites, (government) included, responsible for the destruction of Native culture. Henry Crow Dog was right. Everything is not in it’s place, especially Leonard Peltier. He deserves a chance to help pass his Native Culture onward. Robert M. Boggs @ 538 Paxton creed road, Marion, nc. Thanks for reading this.

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