Lining up the first DMZ release for awhile, (it is an album or a triple-pack?)  Mala (DMZ / Digital Mystikz) spends some time answering questions fired from FACT Magazine’s Joe Muggs.

Frequencies, Hank Shocklee, DMZ, Francois K,  inspiration and more get discussed in this four page interview.

FACT: Would it be fair to say you’re not about trying to kick against the pricks and fight bad things that do on, but about trying to create a zone where there’s a minimum of that exploitation and bullshit?

Mala: You can’t stop it. Even if you wanted to stop it you can’t and I think that’s a pointless battle to even entertain the thoughts of.  But that’s not for me, and you don’t have to go down that route; I think in some strange way I’ve always hoped that that’s what this whole thing can show other people that are like-minded or just want to put out their music and not worry about all the nonesense that comes with it.

Mala will be performing a set at Clandestino Fstvl, scheduled for Friday June 11 at midnight.  You know where I’ll be.

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