New beats from out LA way.

New dubs from Adrian Sherwood

Afrobeat from NYC

Gifts from Maga Bo

Synth travels from Arp 101

Going to Ethiopia with Cut Chemist

It’s all free

Sunhole dot net

Tonight at 22h00 GMT

  • Sahy Uhns / A-Team from Beat Stew Vol.2 (Proximal)
  • Juj & 0. / Self deTermination from Beat Stew Vol.2
  • Adrian Sherwood / Why  (On-U Sound Digi dubplate)
  • Akoyo Afrobeat / B.F.B.F. [Panama]
  • Caju e Castanha / Vou dormir pra sonhar
  • Prison Work Songs / The Murderer’s Home
  • Uproot Andy / El Botellon (Bersa)
  • Konko Man / Company
  • Arp 101 / Warriors Galactic
  • Cut Chemist / Adidas to Addis
  • Sentona / Komssou (Re:orient Club)
  • Bunny General / Kill a Drumpan Sound
  • Desmond Dekker / Shanty Town
  • Santogold / Guns of Brixton
  • Fulgeance / Haggis
  • Muslimgauze vs. Rootsman / Mecca
  • Surje / Juxta (Studio Rockers)

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