Africans are good business

My neighbor  is Paulino Rivero, the President of the Canarian Government, he is president because he is the head of the party Coalition Canarias (CC), they make out to be putting the Canarian people first, as opposed to the ‘other’ major or national parties, such as PP (read Conservatives) and PSOE which are supposed to be ‘Socialist’.

My problems with CC have been an ongoing, one reason being those sons of bitches have been playing the immigration card for quite awhile now.  Things on the surface in recent times have been quiet lately, increased surveillance to keep those damn Africans off the beaches and streets of the Canary Islands has done it’s job, with boats with Africans seeking a better life, being intercepted a lot further out at sea by the European Frontier police, Frontex or some shite.  Cooperation in a  TV ad campaign in Senegal featuring Youssou N’dour encouraging people not to risk their lives with the perilous journey from the Senegal coast to the Canary’s seems to have helped as well.

Here in Tenerife there were at least two centres that housed under-18 African immigrants, they have recently closed down.  They were run by Nuevo Mundo, an NGO created by Coalition Canarias.  Wait a minute, a non-governmental organization set up by a political party? Isn’t that what you call non-sensical?

During my year-long stint with Famille Bou Bess, we did a gig at one of the centres and I’d say the executives from Nuevo Mundo that were there were more sunglass wearing no-neck security-guard meathead types than concerned social / youth workers.  I’d heard about some of the devious practices they employed. maltreatment of their charges,  with-holding the pocket money for unknown infractions.  Being punished and not knowing why.  Not fixing the broken windows in a place that is the coldest part of the island, removing the doors of the dormitories etc.   Doors and intact windows are very much required up there.

Now news has surfaced out about how much this NGO has been raking in.  Their profit from running the centres, was check this, 36,000€ a day.  Yes, in one fucking day, over one million euros a month.

The story about the financial windfall that Nuevo Mundo hasn’t been picked up by the mainstream, too much ad revenue money coming in from the government I suppose. But you can find it here in Spanish.

The politicians have made good headway running African immigrants into the ground with their hysteria, fear-mongering, etc.  And as usual their associates are making a financial killing on the back of it.

Is the current state of mainstream politics in general set about to completely turn us off?  With only something like 19% of the population voting for the current CC mayor in our capital local Santa Cruz, one could come to that conclusion.  People can’t be arsed to doing anything, and it takes just a few from the right, to get organized and continue ’bout their business.  I don’t bloody know.

The struggle continues

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