The Canary Islands’ favourite son, El Guincho is busy busy busy.  First offerings since his Alegranza album and it’s remixes was the Piratas de Sudamerica EP which dropped a couple months back.  Then his new full-length album Pop Negro hit the ears and streets last week or so.  The thing for me with Alegranza was that is was unique, it wasn’t important whether you liked it or not, it was just great that somebody was able to come up with such a mix of sound for an album.  Pop Negro is dare I say a somewhat more adult, not in a serious way mind you. His vocals have a lot more clarity this time around, seems more comfortable with his voice now.  ‘Soca del Eclipse’ reminds me of Steely Dan’s ‘Peg’ somehow, and that is a compliment.  He’s crafted a mixtape for Fact Magazine, which contains the kinda stuff that his parents and my outlaws would be digging hardcore.  Who else would be able to get away with having Julio Inglesias in the mix?

El Guincho’s Fact mix is available here for two, three weeks.

El Guincho dot com for more juice on Pop Negro and it’s creator.

Open arms await you in El Guincho for your next gigs in this part of the world, venga!

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