John Pilger, the UK based, Australian journalist, has long been a person to go to when you want more than the ‘official line’ on this or that. Going back to the days of the Vietnam War, he has continued to shine a light on imperialist, murderous, criminal, barbaric behavior by primarily the USA and UK.

He hasn’t forgotten his Australian roots or the atrocities that have occurred there either.  His book ‘A Secret Country‘ was one of my guides during Fun-da-mental’s time in that country during the Big Day Out Festival.  While Australians celebrated ‘Australia Day’ we went to an Aboriginal ‘Survival Day’ gathering.  We were among people who Pilger wrote had been subjected to crime after crime after crime, relentlessly, and most of the crimes were government-authored or sponsored.

In 1994 I saw his documentary ‘Death of a Nation’ about what was happening in East Timor, and when I heard his interview with the UK government minister Alan Clark, who at the time was responsible for overseeing an arms deal between the UK and Indonesia, who had invaded East Timor, knew we had a sample for ‘Mr Bubbleman’.

John Pilger: I read that you were a vegetarian and you are seriously concerned about the way animals are killed.
Alan Clark: Yeah.
John Pilger: Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, albeit foreigners, are killed?
Alan Clark: Curiously not.

The War You Don’t See looks at those that brought havoc, chaos, misery and other elements of a fucking nightmare upon the innocent.

In the first world war, 10% of the casualties were civilians, that statistic for the war against the Iraq population has risen to 90%.  That is a shocking stat’, and those that perpetrated it should be fucking strung up and shot.  That’s right, I said it.  Fuck them.  Blair, Bush, Asznar, etc., all being touted as great saviours who are nothing but sons of bitches that have to answer, there has to be some accountability.  The film also looks at the media’s role in the war, as that in Afghanistan too, and how the mainstream media failed miserably to do what we think is their job.  Some of the excuses from people that should know better are so bad, flimsy, weak.  The film is a necessity.  If you live in the UK, you can see the film on here

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