In John Pilger’s latest film ‘The War You Don’t See‘, there’s a bit on Palestine, and two maps appear on screen. The first details the Israel/Palestinian borders that are internationally recognized upon Israel’s creation in 1947. The second map shows how much little land the Palestinians actually have. It’s frightening.  The solid mass that was the Palestinians land is now reduced to sporadic dots, as if it was a rash on the body of Israel.

An article in today’s Guardian looks at the Palestinian shepherds that should the ‘angel of the lord’  return, he wouldn’t recognize the place.  Israel has stolen practically every fucking thing from the Palestinians.  They are using all manner of tactics to get their way, and we are in effect silent or powerless to do anything about it.  As with the photo above, from the West Bank, with their historic olive groves being uprooted, Israel continues it’s ethnic cleansing program funded by the US taxpayer, who doesn’t have a clue why.  This system, supported by the UK, Egypt, and all other sons of bitches wearing the uniform of the big boys.  Huh, some one called for the assassination of Julian Assange?  I could think of a few better candidates for a bullet or ten.

“…..Spending nights and days in the fields herding sheep has become an almost impossible task for the fast-diminishing community of shepherds in this biblical Palestinian town.

Jewish settlements, Israeli army checkpoints, closed military zones and the West Bank separation barrier have reduced the grazing area to such an extent that a growing number of Bethlehem shepherds have been forced to give up their traditional livelihoods. “I miss the freedom of the wilderness. Everything is different now. We can barely move,” says Adel Alsir, a 35-year-old Palestinian who herds his flock less than 100 metres from a biblical site known as the shepherds’ fields.”

Merry fucking christmas to all those that support this outrage, yeah, even you O-man, enjoy yer fucking turkey, hope a bone gets stuck in yer neck.

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