This month is carnaval, another excuse for people to get absolutely shit-faced, forget where they are and who they are.  It’s a time to dress up, lose your current identity and take on a new one for a few hours.  You can even become ‘Black’ if you want, but let’s not go there for now, ‘cos it will get me in a seriously foul mood.

Okay, since I brought it up, what it is with carnaval here, is this thing about getting blackfaced up,  I just cannot be dealing with it.  Then I have these same wankers looking at me, and saying “Hola brother!”  Oh, if it was so easy eh?  People looking at me, waiting for me to give them some kind of ‘approval’, fuck that, they know it’s wrong, and then what, this one-dreaded negro is supposed to issue a ‘ghetto-pass’ for the duration of the carnaval?

Instead of punching the next person that comes up to me with that stupid “Hello bro” shit, I will keep myself to myself and those that are up for some quality tuneage in Txola on 18 marzo/march.

Can’t say I didn’t warn yu’.


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