While on the subject of  Tenerife, the Guardian via Spain’s El Pais, has nailed it with something that’s been on my mind regarding the upcoming regional and municipal elections in May.  Rules on electioneering state that nothing new can be inauguarated until after the elections.

A marathon of tape-cutting and airport opening photo opportunities for Spanish politicians ended Sunday past as rules on electioneering meant nothing new could be inaugurated until after the elections on 22 May.

Tenerife, far from the Spanish mainland, is not immune.  There was a mad rush to get the new bus station in La Laguna open last week, the main street of Tacoronte is pot-hole heaven, as of last week, work is now being done to make it smooth.  Oh, we will forget the years of consistent fuckries and succumb  a brief moment of celebration for something that should be a norm, quality public service, free of corruption and manipulation of these services for political party gain.

I’ve always wondered what Ricardo Melchior’s job was.  Officially he is the President of the Tenerife government or some shit,  one of the Mr. Big’s of the Canarian nationalist political party Coalición Canarias,  and if you look in any daily local/regional newspaper, you will see him in at least five different photo-ops in any given day.  Lord knows how he gets any paperwork done, he’s all over the island, posing in front of the lens, looking clueless as fuck.   New campaign propaganda shows our man Richy releasing a turtle back into the sea.  WTF?  These people are doing all they can do build a port that is not needed, next to a natural protected area.  Makes sense doesn’t it?

They like nothing better than putting plaques with their names all over this island.  The Sydney Opera Hall-like auditorium in Santa Cruz has been renamed the Adán Martin Auditorium.  Adán Martin was another main man in the party who recently passed away.  What they are saying is, “We run tings, we are gods amongst you, bow at our feet you peasants.”  Even the little park behind our home me was inaugurated by these sons of bitches (apologies to mothers)…what, you had nothing more pressing on the day in question but to open a little park  in the municipality of your good friend, the  Canarian President, Paulinho Rivero…..the former mayor of this spot who has a  thing about bashing immigrants in the lead-up to elections.  It’s so blatant, it’s revolting that they can get away with it.  We look at uprisings over there and beyond, but we can’t or won’t do it here.  Pfft!

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