Alesis Monitor One’s are what sit in front of me. It is through those that I listen and learn.

They carried the bliss and bass of Krts into my brain several times since arriving in my inbox.  If dreamscape sonics of Burial and Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus are your thing, then you have another place to lie your weary bones.  Another soother is Amenta, a Toronto-born singer, that’s dropped her luscious talents with the likes of Mau’lin, Blue Daisy, Om Unit, to name three.  Next month the label First Word present ‘Sacred Places’, five tracks of beautiful experimentation. This stuff expands the beat scene into pastures fresh.

Did i mention beats?  New isht from El-P via Adult Swim, a taster from his forthcoming album which I think will be titled ‘Cure for Cancer’.

I gotta split now, heading to Rototom Festival with Adrian Sherwood and Ghetto Priest, get a taste of the Adrian control via the opener Space Movements, classic dub moving in a fresh direction, and this was over twenty years ago.

Tune in via eFM tomorrow at 16h CET, or Tuesday at 22h GMT+1 via Sunhole.

Thanks to all singers and players.

Ear Con74 – Monitor One

Creation Rebel / Space Movement 1 (on-u Sounds)
Amenta / Stormy Weather (first word)
Radiohead / Bloom
Owiny Sigoma Band / Doyoi Nyajo Nan – Quantic remix (brownswood)
Mighty Zulu Nation / Impi – Black Fist Mix
Krts / Hold On (project mooncircle)
King Midas Sound / Goodbye Girl (hyperdub)
Pritch & Trim / Stereotype (planet mu)
El-P / Drones Over Brooklyn (adult swim)
Jay Scarlett / Slide Away (project mooncircle)
Beastie Boys / Make Some Noise – The Bug Remix (capitol/emi)
Death Grips / Culture Shock (thirdworlds)
Machinedrum / TMPL (planet mu)
Krts / Hold On – Glenn Astro Remix (project mooncircle)
Slum Village / Go Ladies Beat (wordplay/virgin)

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