Ear Con76 – Love or stars on a distant street

Ezekiel Honig  / Distant Breakfast Highway
Loka / The Sound Stars Make – 2econd Class Citizen Remix (ninja tune)
Del Close and John Brent / Introduction to Speaking Hip (mercury)
Krts / Love Or Logic (project mooncircle)
Del Close and John Brent / Basic Hip (mercury)
Stacey Pullen / 40thstreetblack (vertigo)
Robert Koch / Islands (project mooncircle)
Negativland / Announcement
Solo Banton / Kung-Fu Master (jahtari)
Dolomites / 津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze (if the kids)
Bim Sherman / Slummy Ghetto (on.u sounds)
Wayne Lonesome & The Bug / Buckle Up (shockout)
Radiohead / These Are My Twisted Words (radiohead)
Alphabets Heaven / All Night (king deluxe)
DJ Spinn / Don’t Shoot (planet mu)
Zumbi Vs. Flying Lotus X Codany Holiday / On (Zumbi Bandcamp)
Death Grips / Beware Instrumental (thirdworlds)
Klic / Daschund Skank – Blacksmif Re-Dub (hit and hope)
Ras G / Discipline09 2 (leaving)

Broadcast Saturday (today)  at eFM at 16h00 CET / Tuesday via Sunhole at GMT+1

Fishscape Fishbowl aruliden

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