Ear Con77 – Stuck Play Button

We start the program where last weeks Fun-da-mental show at Keroxen finished, with one of the thousands of songs featuring Lata…


From there we delve into the experimental, gospel, beats, dancefloor steppers and beyond.  New material from Loka, with DJ Food on the mix, any band that lists Soft Machine’s, Robert Wyatt as an influence you gotta check out. The Moody Boyz – Tony, send me the titles man – has some new projects up his massive sleeves.  Kode9, Lukid and XXXY show up on the “unclassified album” for {adult swim}, mpfrees all around.

It’s all there for the taking, via Sunhole tonight at 22h GMT+1 (London/Tenerife time)

Lata Mageskhar – Aaj Chedo Muhabat (emi india)
Loka / As The Tower Falls – DJ Food Remix (ninja tunes)
XXXY / Kerpow (adult swim)
The Moody Boyz / Title Unknown
Dub Gabriel & The Spaceape / Is This Revolution (destroy all concepts)
The Underachievers / Professional Fuckery (robotsandlaces)
Kenny Dope featuring Shaggy / Gunshot
Lukid / Running From The Demons (adult swim)
Klic / Dachshund Skank – Blacksmif Re-Dub (hitandhope)
Gonjasufi / Duet (warp)
Little Dragon / Seconds – Syd The Kyd Remix
Kode9 / Just Inside (adult swim)
40 Winks / Sales Over Soul

Rev. Lonnie Farris / Peace in the Valley (tompkins square)

40 Winks / Mood Adaptor

By the way, you can listen to some of the FDM gig, as well as those by Postman and La Débil courtesy of the Fluido Rosa program at RNE3

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