During last month’s tour with Gonjasufi & Skrapez, we did a free show in Ghent, Belgium, and one of the hands-on-people was Jo aka Lowdjo

We talked and then this moment came and clocked us on our respective heads where we both then realized who each other was! (Maybe you had to be there)

He is the one responsible for the ‘Turk & A Killer’ mixtape, which has a great story behind it.  Before I got involved in working with Gonjasufi, I saw a piece on Generation Bass about this mixtape:

Last summer I listened to a lot of psychedelic music from all over the world. One of the ‘scenes’ I really got into was the Turkish ‘Anadolu’-rock scene.

While listening to a lot of these fuzzy tracks I was really surprised when I discovered that quite some tracks released by The Gaslamp Killer & Gonjasufi are so close to the original Turkish songs… they’re just slightly altered, edited and have a voice-over by Kutmah.

I was even more surprised when I tried to upload this recording onto Soundcloud and it got blocked for “copyright infringement”. I got a message that said my mixtape was recognised as “The Gaslamp Killer – Kobwebs” and belonged to the rightsholder Milan Records.

After submitting my counter notice and waiting for a week, I contacted Soundcloud again and explained them that the whole idea of this mixtape is to shake up the discussion about copyright, sampling, etc… I even send them links to videos from both tracks so they could compare.   I thought I’ll try fooling the new ‘copyright-robot’ at Soundcloud by just putting an excerpt from Cassetteboy’s Parker Tapes at the start of the mix, upload this and see what happens.  And yes……. this time no problem with getting my favorite Turks online!

Check out more from Lowdjo via his site, it is a wealth of information and sounds.  Talk about variety, man, just up my alley.  if your ever in Bruxhells, go seek a session.



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