Just got word from my man Lee of DigiDub that the legendary arts ship, Motorship Stubnitz is in London and they have a free party going on tomorrow.

A unique space with bars serving German beer, brilliant sound systems, dance floors etc, great sounds, cross genre music etc etc.
All in an utterly unique setting – an obscure normally off limits corner of the royal docks – fantastic views of London across the water from the deck bar.
Entertainment provided by Stubnitz Sea-lectors –  eclectic 7″ singles vs’ lounge trash-chique, Tad Audio + Coost Lardy Cake, Wolfgang Schmiedt (Rostock)- trombone + guitar duo, Dave Elvis (UK, Cat n’ Guyen  rhymes and riddles (You Need Friends Not Diskos), Live! D.D.R. –  downtempo electronics
Ship is moored at the end of the Royal docks – you need to get to the Royal Docks lock entrance (Big steel gates in Felixstow court) near to King George V DLR station – map here…..

See here for more details http://ms.stubnitz.com/

You will need to print out an invite to get it.

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