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If you have nine minutes to spare check Rob Carter’s Metropolis. It’s a look at urban expansion through the medium of paper animation. The video above is the last three minutes, and the full nine minute version is here

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Four Lions

I sent the link of video below to Aki, and he said that Chris Morris, the man behind the film Four Lions, came to see him after the shit storm about the release of the Fun-da-mental album All is War – The Benefits of G-Had, Why is it that satirists are some of the only people that get it?

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Iraq War Bullshit

Jack Straw, who was the UK Foreign Secretary at the time of the Iraqi invasion/occupation/war said at his appearance this week at the Iraq War / Chilcot Inquiry, that he had a plan to avoid the UK going to war. It’s a bit late now fool. ¬†Guardian ink-meister Steve Bell nails him good and proper.