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DJ/rupture – Sufi Plug-Ins

NPR, the public radio broadcast system in the USA, recently did a piece on Sufi plug-ins, a program developed by Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture.  A lot of Jace’s work incorporates / or he collaborates with musicians from the Maghreb.  So for them when he opens up his laptop, say with Ableton Live for making his beats, it defaults to the […]

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Beyond Digital

DJ/rupture, Maga Bo, lensman John Francis Peters  and crew were in Morocco in June, working on a project delving into the rhythm of life there, slightly more in-depth than simply trying the local beer. We are dealing with what goes behind contemporary Moroccan music.  /rupture is about the only person I can deal with regards to Autotune, I ain’t got […]

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God damn!

The following is Pitchfork‘s list of autumn record releases. Anything you fancy, Nick Oliveri, Massive Attack, The Slits, Anti-Pop Consortium, RJD2, Gogol Bordelo, DJ/ “90210” Rupture, Luciano, Del tha Funky […]

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Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape

The release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi sure has kicked off a political stink.  All the fuss being made, chah! The USA has forgotten that it’s a primarily ‘Christian’ nation, and therefore should forgive and move on.  Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming. The US families of the Pan-Am victims are somewhat pissed, however it’s strange that the majority of the British victims […]