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It’s that time again, time to get things rolling for this years edition of KEROXEN. It’s where music, plastic arts, visuals and dance collide in a refurbished oil refinery tank in the middle of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Last year saw performances fromZa!, Chupaconcha, Pony Bravo, Unicornbot, Filastine, King Midas Sound, The Bug with Miss Red, Oswaldoh and D. Juan León,  […]

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If A Tree Falls

Filastine’s log: Many good people are in federal prison for their sabotage of corporate property. They have been charged as terrorists and often have sentences longer than rapists and even murderers, despite the fact that they never harmed anyone. If you don’t already own my first record, Burn It, a benefit version can be purchased here, all monies go to […]

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Barcelona Tenerife Courtesy of arribalosqueluchan At the assembly this evening in Santa Cruz, it was decided that the camp would stay until the politicians that have been accused of corruption […]

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Filastine – Added features

I was still waiting confirmation from a couple MC’s about participating with me  at the Filastine show next month, but someone got the jump on me, the poster is out.   So should everything run smoothly, MC’s Luso de Lucha, F-Mike Material de Contrabando (MdC), Guerrero Serere (FBB) will be joining me. Also Nani Percu (percussion, naturally).